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A journey of the heart, soul and senses waits to unfold in these wonderful books by poet Ajit Sripad Rao Nalkur…

Coming Home: Poetry of the Spirit begins an extraordinary poetic trilogy. It follows poet Nalkur’s voyage back to his birthplace—the magnificent nation of India— and his travels throughout Australia, Europe and the United States.

This breathtaking and memorable follow-up to Coming Home characterizes the poet’s gaze into the future of his search for the beloved. The poetry in this volume covers such topics as the pureness of rain in paradise and an examination of what love is really all about. In Dream Threshold, Nalkur continues to explore the theme of relationships and the need to be true to oneself.

Love’s Story is the final volume of author Nalkur’s exquisite trilogy on love, highlighting his vision and realization of true love on Earth. The poems in this volume were written over a period of twenty years, while the author lived and worked in Australia and the United States, and after he returned to his homeland, India.

Open the Doors to Paradise with this poetry collection beckoning readers to go beyond suffering into the realms of intense joy, entering the doors to paradise to experience peace and contentment.

A gift of Flowers from the Heart, Songs of the Soul to remind us to slow down and admire nature’s beauty—so often overlooked due to our hurried human lives—and find peace.

Letters to the Muse. Having developed his relationship with the muse, poet Nalkur now shares his enlightenment through the written word in a collection of worship and wonder.

Letters to the Muse II continues to narrate the story of his love affair with the Muse, focusing on her and the effect she has on his world.

Letters to the Muse III moves beyond the present to his future with the muse—what she means to him and what she means to the world.

For the Beloved  is possibly Poet Nalkur’s final statement on Love and the Beloved. It follows eight previous volumes on the same subject.